Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing much

No pictures this time. I keep forgetting this week for some reason. Not much new to report though I am thinking about things deeply these days, as some of you know, as usual. An interesting thing happened at the sustainability meeting the other night. During the course of conversation, it came up that "even a Republican candidate Mr. So and So is talking about making changes if he's elected regarding taking better care of the environment" which met with skeptical laughter and eye rolling. I thought I should probably reveal myself as a rogue Republican before they said something they would be embarrassed about once they found they were in mixed company! It didn't offend me at all, and these are all very good people, and they were embarrassed and profusely apologized. But then we all thought, how sad that is that I had to "declare myself", and how we all felt awkward about it, and they realized they have some biases, and I went home not too proud of a lot of what my party approves of, or dismisses as "leftist". I understood where their skeptism came from and feel badly. Its the same when I tell people I'm a Christian. I know that lots of images and sterotypes must flash through their minds, lots of them negative unfortunately, but hopefully they already know enough about me to know "I'm not like that". But really, I can't blame 'em for having a knee jerk reaction to it at times. After all, its always the crazy ones that get the attention on TV. I mean, can Republicans really think that Jesus would have been one? On the other hand, I don't think he would have been a Democrat either. So? Where does that leave someone like me who actually wants to know "WWJD"?

Then I kept thinking, well, how weird it is that the country is so divided supposedly, but that isn't really my reality in day to day living. I see people really wanting the same things, to rebuild (or build for the first time) a real community, to see their kids grow up feeling loved, safe and supported for who they are, and to operate in freedom. Yes, of course there are differences within all that, and different ideas on how to get these goals accomplished. The leader of our group emailed and said how wonderful it would be to get a dialogue going about this very topic, about how at the core, REAL everyday people, actually do have a lot of similarities. Could we actually sit down and talk about it? Joke about it? Accept that neither "side" has all the answers, but that a local community probably could figure it out in a way they never will in the media or in DC? Its a great idea, but I'm afraid that it would be hard to only focus on common goals. I'm sure there'd be a couple of yahoos from both sides who would turn it into a debate and ruin it. But, by forming actual friendships, and slowly forming common goals and plans, maybe not in a group situation for a planned discussion where its easier to become "us and them" again and not just "me and you", we could make actual progress in getting past this growing cultural divide and DO something to change it.

I'm reading a fabulous book. See it in my sidebar "The Irresistible Revolution". Its so good. It touches something inside me that wants the world to really see what true Christianity is supposed to be, and not all the weird stuff that the church has turned into, and all the bad examples that get all the attention. It makes me question my own little suburban world of comfort, which I am very thankful for by the way. Still, maybe I shouldn't be TOO comfortable. Same with the "Don't Waste Your Life" book. Good, very thought provoking stuff.

Anyway, I'm thinking a lot about labels, and how weird they are. I don't get it why being a blessing to the environment seems to get the hackles up of the people on the "right" a lot of times, when its just being a good steward of what God gave us. I just think if we all learn to take better care of ourselves and each other in a personal way, instead of relying on "the system" we would all be so much better off, and so many of the world's problems would be lessened. How can that be a left or right thing? Why don't people get that? Actually, I think PEOPLE do, but somehow the powers that be, be it media, politicians, or "they" whoever "they" are don't, can't. I'm telling ya, its all gonna come down to the whole "act local" thing. Just do it folks! Be a blessing to your community! Be the change we want to see, right?

I'm getting all soap boxy now. Sorry. God is stirring something in me, and many others. Anyone else?

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