Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Obsession

Hello all! Again, I'm sorry I've been distracted from blogging! Hubby man was out of town, and I've been having a total blast finding many long, lost friends with the help of my new internet BFF, FACEBOOK!! I'm telling you folks, if you have not yet signed up with this amazing system of social networking, you must go there immediately, sign up (it's free), and then find me on there and ask to be my friend. And find all your old friends too! I've been on for about a week or so, and have found about 30 people I never thought I would see or hear from again. This is no ordinary classmate search, oh no, its so much more! So fun! So, if you don't see me too much here on the blog for awhile, you can find me chatting away with all my best old buds on wonderful, marvelous , dreamy facebook! See you there!!Link


  1. I think Greg and are the last people on Earth not on Facebook. You have convinced me that I need to sign us up.

  2. i just can't do it!!! maybe i don't WANT to be found! ;) surely if someone was that wonderful & special...we would have already stayed in touch?? it's a slippery slope...proceed with caution!