Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm still here!

Oh, its been a long time since I posted! Time seems to be flying right now! Much has happened since the last post. Getaway weekend with the hubster, an outdoorsy family weekend, and the SUN made a brief, but glorious return. I'm feeling like I'm reaching a place of sort of arriving at the starting gates if that makes any sense. I've done so much wishing, dreaming, soul searching as of late, I think I'm finally ready to get to the DOING! I'm getting into a fairly good rhythm of writing, and I've even sent a few things out for publication! Woo-hoo, go me! I don't think I'll hear anything back for a few months, but I'll keep you posted! There's been a lot of good, good soul reads lately, May Sarton's "Journal of a Solitude", Sabrina Ward Harrison's "Spilling Open", Christine Mason Miller's "Ordinary Sparkling Moments", and the works of Mary Oliver are filling my mind and heart with lots of new inspiration. There's more, but I want to get on with the photos!! (I'll update my Random Books list soon!)

Sorry, just have to start this off with this pic of my middle girl at her class presentation on Australia. How cute is she?! (she's the one in the uh, middle)

I got away with my hubby for a weekend in Arizona. I think this may count for #15 on the list . The Grand Canyon really is quite grand. The jacuzzi tub in our room was pretty grand too.

We went away with some friends to their amazingly huge property in Oregon. My kids were in absolute heaven. There were horses, boats, fishing, and general stomping around in the bush for 3 days straight. They came home completely exhausted, but totally happy.

And THEN...the SUN came out! Glorious, heavenly sunny warmth blessed the Northwest for exactly 3 days. It. was. awesome!

When the sun went away, I took the kids to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D Imax. Please excuse the serious camera shake on this next one. Trying to shoot in the dark without a flash is tricky. Still, its kind of fun that it actually kind of looks like a 3D photo! Maybe if we all put on our glasses it will be clear! Taking them was a total blast, and the movie was very fun. The best part was seeing my kids totally enchanted, wearing their ginormous 3D glasses. Including the babygirl, but unfortunately not in the picture, as she was sitting in my lap. Another reason for the camera shake!

My oldest daughter has suddenly become a HUGE help taking care of her baby sister. Here we are at the kids hand's on museum. These two shared some serious sisterhood while we were there. Too cute!

They have a magnetic poetry wall there. These words stood out to me like a little message to my heart.

I will try to get better at keeping up here. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Great pics Em. I love the one of your husband at the Grand Canyon, that sky and the clouds are amazing.
    Looks like you and the family had a great time in Oregon.

    I was hoping to get the girls together sometime this past week but we spent the WHOLE Spring break sick with the flu...YUCK!

    Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter!

  2. Oops, that was me that posted under Greg's google account, sorry.