Monday, February 14, 2011


Silence. It won't last long.
Learning new things.
Discovering I LOVE playing the mandolin.
Time alone in the city.
Coffee. Alone in the city.
Lunch. Alone in the city.
New boots.
Finding contentment in my little house, with my little life.
I have everything I need.
A husband who fills up my love tank everyday so much that I really don't care what he does for me for Valentine's Day.

This song. I'm learning how to play it, and I'm like, totally proud of myself. I don't sound half bad. If you haven't seen this movie, you must put it in your Netflix queue immediately. SO powerful. A parent's nightmare, but as the wanderer...I really, really, get it.

What's feeding your soul these days?


  1. I love this song and the movie and soundtrack are amazing! Go Emme!

  2. love your words, your life sounds awesome and time alone in the city to top it off, sweet.
    I loved that movie too.

  3. "Alone in the city" is one of my favorite states of being. :-)

    LOVE the song. What a beautiful thing to be able to play.

  4. Love the the sentiment in your post. Loved the movie too...a good friend of mine was in it (long story as to how he got he part), he played the hippie that drove the motor home.

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