Monday, September 8, 2008


Big week this week! I was hoping to have lots of pictures of the big girls first day of school last week, the first official bus ride for either of them (trying to go green a little with the bus thing), the first full day of school ever for the middle girl, who started first grade, the first soccer goal of the year by the big girl, but alas, I just didn't have the camera with me. So please do your best to imagine the artistic shot of the close up of little feet climbing the step of the bus, with the bus slightly blurred in the background, the sentimental shot of the kids waving good-bye through the window, and the proud march back up the hill of the driveway upon arriving home. The action shot of the kick resulting in the big goal scored by the big girl. Isn't it great? I know, I'm getting really good aren't I?

WELL, I did remember to get the camera out today, for the BOY's first day of preschool this morning. Oh how this boy is ready to go to school! He so WASN'T ready until this year, and I suppose we're a bit late by the world's standards. But seriously, all he wanted to do until recently was wear his costumes and run around swinging his sword, clueless and happy. And I mean that in only the best, most loving possible way! He is really looking forward mostly to making a few friends, proving to himself that he's actually not the only boy in the world (as he is surrounded by 3 sisters at home). He charged in this morning, without looking back, and was playing happily on the carpet with a new friend and a big box of cars when I left. He was so sweet on our way to school, telling me "Mom, I'm feeling excited and nervous all at the same time" with kind of a funny little nervous grin on his face. No worries though, as we were walking out, I asked him "So, was it awesome???" and he said, sheepishly...." was awesome!" Hooray!

I also very much enjoyed my first morning alone with babygirl in a long, long time, maybe ever! Instead of doing something grand, or terribly relaxing with her, I decided to do some power cleaning around the house. I know, lame-o, but its so nice to be able to just get some stuff done! Babygirl sometimes "helped", sometimes wandered around doing her own thing. Then in the afternoon, while babygirl napped, the boy and I enjoyed our own alone time together. We went outside and I pitched a few (ok A LOT) balls to him to practice his batting, his current favorite activity. (The costumes have been amazingly put aside for a few days, although he did come home from his sister's soccer practice with stories of playing Elasti-boy with some kids he met at the park)

The big girl is slowly getting used to her new, more challenging routine. She's in a mixed 3rd/4th grade class this year, and is finding herself surprised at the much more challenging acaemic pace of the class. "Mom! There's no carpet time!" Nope, sorry babe. And just think, in just a couple of years, no more recess! I think she'll do fine once she gets used to it, but it is a pretty rigorous class for 3rd grade, homework plus 30 minutes of silent reading every night. I Once she finds her "new normal" I think she'll love it actually. She's into that whole "succeeding" thing. :)

Oh, and one more first! We went on our first family bike ride ever, now that we're all outfitted with bikes and a $40 bike trailer for the little ones (s) I found at a consignment shop. We enjoyed the gorgeous weather we've been having by going out on the nearby trail, and rode all the way into town, went to the park and our favorite coffee shop for drinks. We must have gone about 5 miles altogether by the end. Some of us began to lose heart at the end, but with teamwork (hanging back, and letting the slow ones set the pace..and I might have been one of the slow ones, I don't remember), we all made it back to the car, happy. Maybe its our new thing!

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful beginning to your Fall too.

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