Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ponchito!

That's what they called him in the song last night at the restaurant, and it made us all giggle, and that includes pretty much the whole restaurant. I bet you just giggled too! :) I tried to look it up online to see what it means, and the official Spanish translator didn't recognize it.(I think maybe that's a bad sign) Other, googled answers came up with "cheap dive/Mexican restaurant", "belly", and uh, other things too. SO, Happy Birthday to my love, my partner in life (and crime), my very best friend. Ponchito!!

And anyone recognize this child??

Yes, that's Lil Ponchito himself, circa 1974 or so. Or is that our youngest daughter, aka babygirl herself? Weird, huh??!

And if there are any spanish translators out there, and know that this is actually some kind of dirty word... just let us stay in the dark, ok? Let us enjoy the giggles!

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