Friday, October 17, 2008


We're crawling out from under the rock of 3 rounds of the stomach flu (me, babygirl and big girl), and the man is in the Los Angeles for 4 days adding to his real estate guru-ness. Did you know that he is a real estate guru? Well, he is. We miss him greatly. I'm very proud of him. He'll be home tomorrow, and then I'm taking a looooong bubble bath. I don't have too much to share right now. I'm generally happy. But honestly, today and yesterday, I've been mostly grumpy. I'm sure it will pass uh, in a few days, if you know what I mean. Ahem.

Anyhoo, I haven't taken too many pics lately, but here are a few I forgot about that I found on my camera today.

I call this, "Tomatoes from My Garden, Glistening in Morning Sunshine" (too much?)

Here's one I like to call, "Cute Moment with Babygirl Playing with Ball of Yarn, Not Quite in Focus"

Here's one (ok, two) that I call "Babygirl in Bathtub, Not Quite in focus and With Too Much Digital Noise, Because I Don't Exactly Know What I'm Doing With My Camera." Still, very cute babygirl!
Oh, and babygirl pooped in said bathtub tonight. :) Don't tell her I told you.

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