Wednesday, February 11, 2009

38 Before 38

1.  Start and finish a 365 photo and writing a day projects.   Don't feel guilty if you don't do it everyday.
2.  Have 100 pages of good writing to either send out for publishing, or for a grad school app. (!)
3. Take the GRE
4. Get a tattoo.
5.  See the sunrise.  Preferably on a beach.
6. Have only clothes that I love in my closet.
7. Write the novel.  May or may not be part of the 100 pages of "good writing" above.
8.  Dabble in art regularly.
9. Get a hot stone massage at least once a month.  (everybody must get stoned!)
10. Read more.
11. Watch TV less. This does not apply to Lost, American Idol, Heroes, and The Office.
12.  Read to my littlest ones most days.
13.  Sign up for the UW Fiction continuing Ed. program.
14. See as many newly re-discovered via Facebook friends as possible.
15.  Have a real vacation alone with my hubby.
16.  Go hiking on a brand new trail at least 10 times.
17. Start to play the guitar.  (hmm, didn't expect this one)
18. Be mindful  of the moments as they come.  
19. Really connect with my kids, see things through their eyes, especially in the tough moments.
20. Go camping, more than once.
21.  Learn Photoshop.
22.  Have regularly scheduled "work"time, for the writing, art. During the day! (ie find child care!)
23.  Read Jane Austin.  (I never have! I know!)  Other great literature that I missed in school will do too.
24. Make or find a really cute, feminine camera bag that will also hold my laptop and/or journal.  My out and about creativity bag!
25.  Get a macro lens, and a lensbaby.
26.  Get so comfortable with my camera that I can shoot in manual mode all time, and know what I am doing.
27.  Get officially published, somewhere.  Maybe even get paid for it!

Ok, now I'll move into the "mondo beyondo" type things.  Things that probably won't happen this year.  But you never know!
28.  Live in Lawrence, KS again.
29. Get my MFA in Creative Writing.
30.  Live in France, or Italy.
31.  Travel around the US in an RV with my family,  for a good long time, or until its not fun anymore.
32.  Finish the remodel of the house.
33. Move to a bigger house!
34. Get a hot tub.
35. Find a charity to either become passionately involved in, or start my own.
36. Meet the amazing blogging women listed on the side bar.
37. Have a gallery show of my photography and/or a book signing for my awesome as yet unwritten but forthcoming book!
38. There are a couple of big ones too close to my heart to blog about quite yet.  But, still.  On the list!

I'm getting whisked away for an Island getaway (think Northwest Island) this weekend!  Maybe I can work on a few list items while I'm there!  Woo-Hoo!  Happy Valentine's Day!   


  1. Tattoo, book publishing, Italy... WOW, AWESOME! Have fun on the island.. and don't forget to watch the sunrise.

  2. Great List. A lot of those things are on my list, or could be on my list.