Sunday, February 8, 2009


Unconditional Joy is something I've decided to embrace.  In case you hadn't noticed, I'm the kind of person who can think and stew over whatever bee is currently in my bonnet, and then start to feel frustrated because I'm not "there" yet, in whatever new goal or interest or way of being I'm thinking about.  Then, sweet Krista showed me the way to this article, and the rest of Enjoy Parenting .  Now, I'm at the point where I am feeling like I could go the rest of my life without reading another parenting book (not because I've "arrived
 but because they only put more of that creepy "not there" feeling in to my head), but his article was just so what I need to hear! So much more than parenting, it put a spring in my step in more ways than one.   I'll just say go check it out!

Also, I'm so, SO excited that I've given myself the gift of the Unravelling, Ways of Seeing Myself e-course.  Writing, Photography and inner reflecting.  Just my cup o' tea these days.  Just finished my "how to work your fancy camera" class yesterday, and whoa!  Talk about a crash course!  3 full Saturdays of bells and whistles, but I actually think I have a handle on it now.  Hooray!  Now, I just have to get out there and practice!  

And soon, I'll be making my 38 before 38 list for all to see (I turn 37 in 2 weeks), and I'll be posting my work from my soon to start class, and oooh, book lists and new websites to visit! 

I still haven't recovered my photos from the first 2 weeks of my photo class, but here are a few fun ones from this past week.

And here's my little man...

Oh, and check this out.  I want to watch this over and over!  So cool!!


  1. Darn, the Unraveling course is full. I am on my way to check out Enjoy Parenting.

    * I volunteered at school today and had a nice lunch with our girls.

  2. I love what you're doing. I'd also love to hear updates on that unraveling course. Sounds awesome. And the photo class? Awesome.

    ps I put my loose schedule in my blog comments for you. it makes me wince a little to put it out there, but we can only be where we are, right?