Monday, June 21, 2010

5 Things

Its time I had a revealing talk with you about myself. I’m not exactly sure how to go about having a get to know you conversation in this rather one sided medium, so I’ll start with a list of 5.

5 Things I’m loving right now:

An incredible influx of new friends, both in real life, and online. This means you! It’s amazing what happens when you open your heart. For this introvert, it’s a brand new feeling of connection, possibility, community, and love. If you haven't said hi yet, find me on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Writing every day: I joined Bindu Wiles 215800 project which is a commitment to doing yoga 5 days a week, and writing 800 words everyday for 21 days. It only takes 21 days to make a habit . (Fingers crossed!) I’m loving learning that the time IS there if I only say yes to it. That words will come if I just start writing. That my family, “the universe” (aka God), and even you guys will support it! Hooray! I just had to sit down and DO it. Easy! (?)

Doing Yoga Everyday: Ditto above. I feel good, open, sore, and most of all really, really thankful to see that if I set my mind to DO something (not just wish or “should” myself) it totally happens. Actually, it is easy. What do you know, there’s time after all!

Listening to the rain as I fall asleep: I’m getting LOTS of practice with this one. This is one of the rainiest, coldest Spring/Summers that I can remember, and I live in SEATTLE, peeps, so that is saying something. I’m learning to practice being content with the weather and the lovely gifts it can bring, even whilst admittedly being grumpy about it. I’m practicing, not perfecting, remember? Anyhoo, I do love listening to the rain as it drizzles through the forest, knowing my dearest loves are all tucked in safe and sound nearby. I take the time to dream, to pray, to breathe in the silence.

Reading: I honestly wish I had a whole extra day at the end of each day in which to simply read. There are just so many amazing words and ideas, I wish I could just absorb them all. When I read, I can never only read one book at a time. I have a pile of at least 3 and often up to 10 or more going at one time. Currently, I have my eyes on: Mary Oliver, Anais Nin, David Sedaris, Anne Lamott, Karen Maezen Miller, and Joseph Campbell. There are many, many more that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

I wish I could sit across a table from each and every one of you, and learn what you're loving right now. I once heard someone say that it was his goal to meet every single person on the planet. Wouldn't that be interesting! I'd settle for meeting all of you. Tell me, what are you loving right now? Are you giving yourself permission to indulge in the things you love? Are you making time for them? I'd love to hear about what you're loving, either in the comments or leave a trackback to your blog.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. hi there, such goodness. You sound v similar person to me! I haven't committed to writing and yoga, but I have given up alcohol for this year (yes! starting on the 1st of Jan and love that I can find the strength to do it!) and also coffee and recently I started back on the healthy eating tip and instead of yoga am committing to a walk or cycle everyday to get 'fit'!!!

    What I am loving right now is getting right back into stitching and making the art that I love so much, just making my very own creations and ideas and I am loving running my experimental art e-course and connecting with some talented and like-minded individuals there - it's been the best!!!

    Thanks for writing this post, it's most inspiring and I am now following :)

    You can find me over at: - do visit if you have a mo.

    Take care,


  2. It's lovely to learn more about you and what you love - it sounds like we're very similar and if I didn't live on the opposite side of the world (NZ) I'd definitely invite you over for a coffee!
    Right now I'm loving my yoga practice, my yoga teaching, 21.5.800 and discovering like-minded people on the opposite side of the world, and of course my two gorgeous girls and their amazing dad