Friday, June 25, 2010

Found Art Friday, in Gratitude

Its Friday, can you believe it? Even more unbelievable to me is that the sun finally decided to show her sweet face in my neighborhood! Hooray! I know many of you have been dying of heat for the past several days, but we had the first day over 75 degrees in 271 days. *sigh* But, for all my complaining, I truly have my every need taken care of. For that I am so thankful.

This week's Found Art Flyer comes to you from my friend Stefanie Renee. We met when we shared a ride with the world's most awesome cab driver, Leo, on our way to Squam last September. We remained Squam BFF's for the weekend, and I'm so proud to call her my friend. Stefanie is an amazing photographer and is making some big leaps into her living her creative dreams. Please send her lots of love, courage and joy vibes as you post this amazing photo around your town.

And please do participate in The Project! Remember to print the flyer and tuck it into library books, leave it on the empty seat on the bus, post it on the community bulletin board. Anywhere you think someone would enjoy finding a little love note from the universe. And please, submit your own work to be featured! Any kind of visual art or short (very short) story will be considered. Just check out the submission guidelines to the right for the details.

We have family visiting from out of town right now, so today's post is short and sweet. Hope your weekend feels long and glorious! xoxo


  1. I love the flyer - thanks - definitely going to print and distribute!!
    Have a wonderful weekend. I'm attending a yoga workshop so have a full day of asanas ahead of me - bliss :-)

  2. Oh yah! how fitting for me this moment! I'll be printing it out and bringing it with me on my trip...leaving it at airports, and more!!!