Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still here

Hello again!  Aye, yi, yi has it been a long time!  And this post isn't going to be very exciting, just a check in so you'll know I haven't given up blogging for good!  After the flood, I immediately got sick for several days, followed by the family, and THEN my computer crashed, losing all my photos from the past couple of years, and all of my writing that I had started getting serious about.  *sigh*  Oddly, I'm not ginormously upset about it.  I think that with our techie friends I will be able to retrieve most of it when we get a chance to fiddle with it.  I've gotten out of the new habits I was starting to form with daily writing/creativity time, even checking those awesome blogs I've listed over to the side.  I was really on a roll there, and then I came to a grinding halt...or maybe I was just tumbling down off the side of the road onto another hectic road at the bottom of the hill.   Still ,doing a lot of internal navigation that I'm not really ready to put into words, so often times I'm just stewing these days.  I did start my photography class, and I'm learning so much so quickly!  Yay!  I was just about to post my newly improved photography skills when...crash goes the hard drive. 

So, look for me back again soon, when I get more words and images to share, and oh yes, my thoughts too.

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