Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Beginning

So excited to announce that the new season of The Found Art Project will kick off this week! Now is the time to get your latest inspirational creation, photograph, short (very short) story or poetry in to be considered for distribution on The Found Art Flyer! Please check out the past Found Art Flyers to see the kinds of things that have been accepted in the past. Don't be shy to send things in! Yes, you're good enough, yes you are already an artist! Let's spread the love together!

I really can't do it without you.

I was SOOO excited when I was flipping through the pages of my favorite magazine MaryJanesFarm and lo and behold there was The Found Art Project featured in its pages! A little shout out, but oh so fun! If you've found your way here from Ms. MaryJane's pages, WELCOME! So glad to have you. I hope you'll stick around, the new season of The Found Art Project is going to be so much fun. Inspiration, Art, Words, Spirit and Community...does it get much better? (If you don't know MaryJane, and MaryJanesFarm magazine, you simply MUST check it out. If you're an artsy, crafty, green, garden-y, farm-y, sustainable crunchy type this is the magazine for you. You can find The Project on p. 16 of the Oct-Nov. Gratitude issue on newsstands now!

So excited to see your art offerings! Come on now, let's see whatcha got!

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