Monday, September 13, 2010

Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation

1. 10 weeks with 4 kids under age 10 with you 24/7 can make one cranky. Especially when it rains for 5 of those 10 weeks.

2. Getting out in nature as often as possible with 4 kids under age 10 when they are with you 24/7 makes everyone happier, even (and especially) if its raining.

3. Losing a friend is really, really hard.

4. Having Shingles is a big a** bummer. Yep. Shingles, baby.

5. Feeling sorry for yourself on any level only makes it worse. When you pour yourself out, engage your soul in whatever is right in front of you, it changes everything for the better.

6. Meditation and prayer is really, really essential.

7. Reading feeds my soul.

8. I really, really have too much screen time going on in my house, and need to have as little as possible.

9. Avoiding housework makes me grumpy in the long run. Doing housework (or at least having done housework) cheers me up. Happiness really is found at the bottom of the laundry basket.

10. Comparison is a killer. Believing in my deepest soul whispers and longings is the way I'll find my true path.

Oh, and one more. I AM A SUPERHERO. So are you.

With that in mind, I was so excited when the scrumptious Rosa Murillo, mixed-media artist, shared this awesome, fun and inspiring drawing with us. Rosa says "the idea is that whoever finds it, would color it and cut it along the line and carry in their pockets. A little like a silly exercise in believing in the power of yourself." I hope each of you will print one for yourself and put it in your pocket, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you'll see it regularly and remember how amazing you are!

Check it out:

So tell me. What did YOU do on your summer vacation?


  1. Happiness is found at the bottom of the laundry basket... That's great!

  2. Thanks Emme, what a wonderful post :)

  3. Sounds like those 10 or 11 simple-sounding points were wisdom hard-earned. You really are a super-hero :) x o

  4. That's quite a lot of lessons for one summer, isn't it?

    I'm wishing you a comforting, beautiful day today.

    And I love this drawing!