Tuesday, January 6, 2009

inner child, hear me roar (or whisper)

I have had the most amazing time lately reconnecting with old friends via facebook . Yesterday, someone posted this, amazing picture circa 1981, or third grade for me.

Several of us who have not spoken for at least 20 years began to have an animated online chat about the awesomeness of this picture. Look at us! Most of us seemed to think we were really something else. I'm the one thinking I'm hilarious doing bunny ears behind my good friend Amber. We were about to go swimming at the ultra hip and happening, brand new "Holidome" Holiday Inn indoor pool. There we are, our "inner child" staring us back in the face. There we are holding one another's histories in our shared memories. Our entire lives ahead of us, about to discover all kinds of interesting things about life, love, heartbreak, and all that we are capable of, both good and, well, not so good. We have all ended up in very different places, geographically being the least of these, though we are scattered all over the country. Some we haven't seen since school, some we don't recognize at all, having been completely forgotten.

I see some of us with sad, shy eyes peeking out from their 8 year old faces. Some of us thinking we are all that and a bag of chips. And don't we all have days of feeling sad and shy, and some days that feeling of "yeah, look at me, I'm awesome". I just looked at myself, and remembered how I was then. Pretty much fearless, always wanting learn more, read more, dance, act, write, sculpt, you name it, I was up for it. Oh, and I had a pretty good sense of humor too, as you can see from my HILARIOUS bunny ears. :) You know what, I'm still tempted to do bunny ears behind people when I get the chance, because you have to admit, it IS kind of funny.

I'm just feeling amazed at the timing, and thankful for this glimpse of "Me", before anything else was defining me. My role back then was just to be myself and allow myself to play and become whoever I was meant to be. Note to self: More Bunny Ears!!

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  1. This is an amazing picture, what a gift!

    Thanks for visiting my (very inactive) blog. I'm looking forward to Unravelling and getting to know you better.

    Actually, after reading a few of your blog posts, I feel like I already know you...you are totally inside my head! I see a lot of similarities between us.One of these days we should get together (city or country, it is all right with me!)