Thursday, January 8, 2009

We interrupt this program...

To bring you the latest news, weather...Seriously folks, its bad out there! We live in the Snoqualmie Valley, about 30 minutes east of Seattle, and we have been experiencing record flooding in our neighborhood! Thankfully, our home is out of harm's way, but many, many people are suffering great losses, homes, farms, entire livelihoods gone in a few hours. Please pray and send all the love you can to the people of our valley.

My amazing husband had to find an open bike trail 10 miles away and ride his way home today after getting literally locked out of our town yesterday morning, as all roads in or out were suddenly underwater. I thought we wouldn't see him for a few more days, and I was so surprised and thankful when he arrived soaked and muddy from his long trail ride. We will probably be on our own private island for at least another 24 hours. Much better now that we are ALL home together.

On a lighter note, I just wanted to point you to this AMAZING video I found hidden in a link over at Jen Lemen's place. This song made me feel so happy and hopeful, and it felt like it was just for me, perfect for where I find myself these days. Maybe its just for you too.

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