Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping Out

Well, we're back from our wonderful weekend of camping! We went to the Olympic National Forest, and it was sooo beautiful and wonderful, peaceful and refreshing. The kids did great, the weather was perfect, 75 during the day, 50 at night. We found a great little campground, near the Elwha river, which was full, but luckily full of quiet-loving families. It was a good first-time experience, since there was still a fairly nice bathroom available, but the national park was so beautiful, we still felt like we were "away from it all". I can't believe its so close to us, and I've never been there! We go to Colorado once every couple of years for similar scenery and experiences, and this is just around the corner. We took the ferry over, and then just a couple hours drive and we were there. Snow capped mountains, rivers and even the ocean all within a mile or two of the campground. The kids were so happy and content, and everyone's asking when we get to go again!

Here's our little home away from home...

After setting up camp, we cooked up some hot dogs, and of course, S'Mores!!

We gathered around the campfire 'til the sun went down (1o:00 or so around these parts), and called it a night. Then we got up bright and early, had a yummy campfire breakfast, and then went hiking on this great little trail around a lake.

Spent some time beach combing...

Then we headed back to the campsite to relax...

We hung out, playing in the woods around the campsite, had another good night's sleep, and woke up early this morning, made campfire pancakes and ate them in the chilly morning air, then packed up and came home to recover! I am so, so happy that it all went well. I really want our family to get more outdoorsy, enjoying this beautiful part of the world we live in.

Here's a couple more parting shots that pretty much sum up the weekend...

Good times!


  1. Wow, looks like a great time!

    Thanks for stopping by the mink coat. I would really love to meet you...I have enjoyed your blog.


  2. Looks like my bud Janya stopped by, cool!
    I'm so happy you all had a great time! Some of my best childhood memories were of family camping trips. Once our house is done I need to get my family out camping.

  3. Hey Miss Em! FYI- i've passed on your blog to 2 of my friends last week. They love your book recommendations & info on sustainability. AmySue said, "I think I found my twin!". :) I'm thinking next spring I need you to "pop" down to Anthony & help me plan/plant a garden. Watch out! I might start eating veggies!! ha!