Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jumping Beans

The boy took to the patio again today to master his latest challenge.

This one didn't turn out so well. Hmmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

But did that stop him? NO!

I'm telling ya, this kid is determined to do red hot peppers before the week is through.

But, not to be outdone, Middle Sis, had to show him how its done...

Check it out! This girl's got HOPS!

And she has cute feet too.

I'm slightly obsessed with my kids feet. Not sure why, but I just want to squeeze 'em when I see 'em.

Here are a couple of projects I think are so, so cute, I may even try to make them myself. Maybe.

This cool smock
Directions for similar cool smock here.

And this fun sampler.

This made me laugh out loud, for real. If you're squeamish about chicken hiney, you may want to pass on this one. Read the first few comments too, which is between the blogger and her sister. Tell me if you do not ROTFLOL!

And today, I woke up to the strangest sound. I heard the voice of game show host Richard Dawson, saying his familiar "Survey SAYS?...CLANG!" It did put a smile on my face, which is always nice first thing in the morning, but I was a little puzzled. And I wander out to find that my oldest has found the Game Show Channel, and she loves it! So, we had fun discussing the lovely style of the 70's, and why on earth the ladies wore so much make up and had their hair "that way". We don't do Hannah Montana or any of the other silly 'tween shows, so as far as TV goes, its pretty slim pickin's for the big girl. I think having a 70's game show fan will be pretty fun!

Oh, and by the way! TGIF!

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