Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is anything better than new shoes?

Ok, so let's just put it out there right away that I'm jealous of my 2 year old's new shoes...

Not that anyone would notice, but please ignore the different colored socks babygirl is sporting in this pic. We have a mysterious phenomenon at our house where it is actually impossible to find 2 matching baby socks at the same time. Not sure what's going on there. Anyhoo, are these not the cutest shoes you've ever seen? I love the Keen's that I have, but mine are green, not this perfect color of pink. I would so wear these!

I don't have any other photos to share today. I've been in a bit of a slump lately I guess. We've been running back and forth to horse camp for the past week and half, and although the girls are having a total blast, I am completely off kilter with my schedule! I feel totally behind, and well..slumpy. I've let the kids watch too many videos, waiting to go to horse camp, and then waiting to leave to go pick up. It always seems like an easy thing to do, but before long, I'm paying for it, with grumpy kids, which makes for grumpy me, especially when I get behind on my regular housework stuff. Plus the weather has been chilly and drizzly, so we've been holed up inside which never helps. SO, I've resolved that next week, once we get back to normal, and I get all caught up on laundry and whatever else needs to be done, will be a little to no TV week, spent mostly outdoors, if the weather cooperates. Maybe we'll do another letterbox hunt, or another beach trip, or maybe just get all artsy and crafty at home. We really need to get out of this little rut we're in. I can't believe we only have about 4 weeks left of summer! Its going so fast. I have to admit I am feeling the first inklings of being ready for school and everything else to start again. Soon, we'll be shopping for school supplies and clothes, and the joys (not) of soccer season will be upon us! There's something so comforting about all that goes along with the coming of Fall. On the other hand, its felt so Fall-like these past few days, I actually saw smoke coming out of people's chimney's on the way home yesterday! I mean, I'm STARTING to feel ready, but I sure hope its not here already!

Let's see...other things happening that hopefully I'll have pictures of boy is determined to learn how to jump rope. He jumps himself silly, until he is completely sweaty and red in the face, but he's so happy! I'm not sure my photos would do it justice anyway. Its very cute.

Oh. Another thing I hate to even mention its so sad...Mr. Nibbles, our brand new!!! We discovered the terrible happening this evening when the girls went up to visit him and feed him. :( We are hoping and literally praying for his safe return in the morning. We've actually had bunnies go missing and be found before so its not out of the question, but still, we're prepared for the worst. Such is life in the woods, but I have 2 very sad girls tonight. So, say a little prayer for Mr. Nibbles tonight if you see this, and I'll keep you posted.

More soon!

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